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A. Overview

Whitecliffe is an independent Arts and Design school of choice, producing the highest quality graduates and shaping exceptional creative citizens.

Whitecliffe provides life-transforming educational experiences in arts and design through teaching and research, educating students to shape culture through the practice and critical study of the arts. Building on foundations of excellence, innovation and a commitment to diversity, Whitecliffe prepares its students for lifelong creative work and engagement with their communities. Whitecliffe seeks to instill aesthetic judgment, professional knowledge, collaborative skills and technical expertise in all graduates.

Whitecliffe core values have developed through the work of committed faculty, students, alumni and staff. At Whitecliffe we believe that ideas and expression are inseparable. Our commitment to a wide range of media, processes and methodologies supports our belief that our graduates become leaders in their fields through a critical combination of making and thinking. Through rigorous critique, intelligent debate and mutual respect, graduates gain the lifelong skills they need to shape their communities.


Independence, creativity and risk-taking are strongly encouraged within Whitecliffeprogrammes from certificate to postgraduate level. Programmes provide opportunities for you as a student to challenge, test and stretch yourself, but always with the support and stimulation of the Whitecliffe close-knit creative community.

Whitecliffe undergraduate qualifications include 18-week Certificates in ARTS AND DESIGN or DIGITAL MEDIA and DESIGN and a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with majors in FINE ARTS, PHOTO MEDIA, FASHION DESIGN and GRAPHIC DESIGN. Professional business courses, contextual studies and English language support complete the tool-box of artistic and entrepreneurial opportunity provided to undergraduates.

Internships, fieldwork and student exhibitions are an integral part of the Whitecliffe curriculum. Our vibrant student community is exposed to the contemporary arts and design world through exhibitions, international guests and industry professionals. As part of our encouragement of careers in the arts, Whitecliffe also provides comprehensive professional grounding in areas such as business, marketing and ethics.

Postgraduate opportunities are available to students wanting to up-skill or gain professional skills in the creative areas of ARTS MANAGEMENT, ARTS THERAPY or FINE ARTS.

Currently Whitecliffe is the only tertiary provider in New Zealand offering postgraduate study in arts therapy.

The Whitecliffe low-residency Masters programme approach has been designed so students can organise work and home life around the demands of study. Low-residency involves a mix of online home-based study and intensive on-campus seminar weekends (MA programmes), or week-long seminars (MFA/MAAT Clinical).

Available Courses

- Certificate in Arts and Design
- Certificate in Digital Media and Design
- Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (per annum) Certificate in Arts and Design
- Certificate in Digital Media and Design
- Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (per annum) Masters of Fine Arts
- Postgraduate Diploma in Arts Management
- Master of Arts in Arts Management
- Postgraduate Diploma in Arts Therapy
- Master of Arts in Arts Therapy (Clinical)


New Zealand