A. Overview

Evolution Hospitality Institute, A name that in the business of training hospitality and education has set itself up as a leader. In the last eight years its founder, Stuart A Page, has built a training company that brings to the table an approach of quality, attitude and skills that the industry is in need of.

Over the last eight years Evolution Hospitality Institute has achieved four national and state awards. The Institute has taken on displaced and disadvantaged students and helped them to complete their training with its links to Evolution Employment Network. Through our assistance, the student's have been able to complete studies and find reputable workplaces where they can grow and become an integral member of any hospitality team.

The skills that our students acquire are based on the discussions and feedback Stuart and his management team have had with industry establishments. The industry wants good basic skills, hygiene standards, communication and social understanding of the workplace. The advance skills are tailored once they are in the work place.

The hospitality industry s multicultural establishments offer a diverse range of employees. These employees come from various countries and religions; they differ in sex and race, and are standing side by side working as a team to get the product and service complete and professional.

This is Hospitality , this is what Evolution Hospitality Institute is achieving now and will continue to do into the future.

Available Courses

Commercial Cookery Patisserie Asian Cookery Advanced Diploma of Hospitality




International students minimum age 18