A. Overview

Founded in 1999, AIT has trained over 5,000 students to be leaders of the future in the digital and creative industries. Our programs and philosophy transform hungry creative minds into the industry s most sought-after graduates. With two campuses based in Sydney and Melbourne, as well as a dedicated online learning system, Students can study knowing they have access to cutting edge facilities and some of the country's best digital educators.

AIT is proudly part of the Redhill Education Group. RedHill currently recruits over 3,000 international students each year via its student agency businesses in Spain, Italy and France to undertake study in Australia. RedHill Education Limited (RedHill) was founded in 2006, and listed with the Australian Securities Exchange in 2010. The organisation operates a number of specialist businesses in the private tertiary education market in Australia.
B. Why study with Academy Of Information Technology

Class sizes are small - so you'll benefit from a high teacher to student ratio and a commitment to mentor you to excellence. We take the time to learn what rouses your imagination so we can unearth your unique talents and arm you with the most important skills for your discipline. Best of all, you'll develop solid relationships with both teachers and peers making your overall experience enjoyable as well as extraordinarily rewarding.

You will join a community of like-minded people where creativity is celebrated, nurtured and imagination knows no limits, helping you to realize extraordinary new heights.

With an energetic buzz around campus, a relaxed, friendly vibe and a range of student clubs to join, rest assured that you'll have fun while you persue your passion and building friendships with students and teachers who share the same interests.

A determining factor in the quality of education at any institute is the teachers. The tools and technology in the digital and creative industries change frequently - so you need to learn from working professionals who understand workplace challenges, who can share their insight and industry experience and most importantly, can connect with students. Our teachers are well versed in the most up-to-date software, hardware, and best-in-class techniques. Best of all, they chare the same interests as their students and are committed to developing positive relationships that contribute to developing positives relationships that contribute to strong learning outcomes.

Available Courses

2D Animation Courses Game Design Courses Film & Video Courses
Digital Design Courses Digital Design Online Courses IT
Courses 3D Design Courses Courses 3D Design Courses School Holiday Courses


  • Australia
  • Sydney
  • Melbourne


  • International students minimum age 18
  • IELTS 5.5